My name is Will Jonathan. I’m a professional sports mental skills coach that provides world-class coaching on the mental aspects of swimming and the mental skills swimmers need to perform their very best, from the age group level all the way through to the Olympic level. My past and present clients are age-group national champions, NCAA D1 All-Americans, International swimmers competing for their countries, and Olympic swimmers. I have also worked as a mental skills coach for the swim teams at both Florida Gulf Coast University and Florida State University, two NCAA Division 1 swim programs.

Before I started working with the swim team at Florida State, I worked 2 seasons with the Florida Gulf Coast University Swim team. During my 2 seasons working with the team, I was able to help them achieve the following:

-16 out of the 23 swimmers I worked with achieved personal best swims.

-The 23 swimmers I worked with achieved a combined total of 82 personal best swims.

-17 out of 23 swimmers I worked with achieved NCAA cuts.

-A combined 71 NCAA cuts where achieved by swimmers I worked with.

-4 out of the 5 swimmers who attended the NCAA National Championships were swimmers I worked with.

-4 school records were broken by the swimmers I worked with.

-70% of the swimmers I worked with achieved personal best swims.

-75% of the swimmers I worked with earned NCAA cuts.

-The team was conference champions both seasons.


Through the successful work I did with FGCU, I was given the opportunity to start writing articles and making videos about the mental aspects of swimming for two of the world’s largest swimming sites on the web – Swimswam and USA Swimming. After building a successful body of work in the world of swimming, I decided that I wanted to create a professional mental skills coaching service specifically dedicated to swimmers, swim teams, and swim parents, thus here we are!

Here are some personal tidbits about myself:

Age – 33 years old

Currently Living – Fort Myers, FL

Pets – 3 dogs: Tinkerbell, Musa, and Calypso

Parents – Mom Karen and dad Bill

Siblings – Sisters Jennifer and Gabriela

Favorite Book – The Law of Success (Napoleon Hill)

Favorite Movie – A.I. Artificial Intelligence

Favorite TV Show – The Adventures of Pete & Pete

Favorite Musical Artist – Coldplay

Favorite Food – Tex Mex

Favorite Quote – “There is no such thing as down time, no such thing as spare time, and no such thing free time. All you have is lifetime. Go.”

That’s about it!

Take a look around the rest of the site, and if you have any questions about anything at all or would like to get in touch with me, please fill out the contact form below and I’ll be in touch with you within 24 hours. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!