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“The biggest thing that really separated me from everyone else throughout my career was my mental game. It was everything between my ears.”

-Michael Phelps

You’re in the pursuit of excellence and success as a swimmer. At the end of the day, it’s not physical talent, physical skill, or physical ability that’s going to make the difference. What makes the difference is mindset, mentality, and attitude. What separates good swimmers from great swimmers is the mental side of the sport. This book is designed to help swimmers such as yourself to develop the mental strength and emotional resilience necessary to think strong, feel confident, swim fast, and be your best. To do that, The Swimmer’s Mind contains 12 lessons and over 300 pages on how to be a mentally stronger swimmer where you’ll learn the following:

Lesson #1 – How your mindset has a direct impact on how you perform.
Lesson #2 – How to get into and maintain a positive performance mindset.
Lesson #3 – How to develop consistent, long-lasting confidence.
Lesson #4 – How to have fun with and enjoy being a competitive swimmer.
Lesson #5 – How to be more focused, both in training and in meets.
Lesson #6 – How to dictate and keep control of your emotions.
Lesson #7 – How to cope with both good and bad results in the pool.
Lesson #8 – How to keep yourself motivated over the long-term.
Lesson #9 – How to overcome false, limiting beliefs.
Lesson #10 – How to implement positive performance habits & routines.
Lesson #11 – How to erase the fear of failure and use it to your advantage.
Lesson #12 – How to find a positive, healthy balance between swimming and life.

These concepts are the same concepts I discuss when working one on one with my NCAA, International, and Professional-level swimmers that have helped them qualify for the NCAA National Championships, the FINA World Championships, and much more. If you want to improve at the mental side of swimming, or if you just want to learn more in order to gain an edge, then this is the book for you. Grab yourself a copy and start becoming a mentally stronger swimmer today!



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