Group Presentation

If you’re the head coach of a swim team, the director of a swimming program, or in charge of a swimming organization and would like an experienced, results-proven expert to come in and teach your swimmers or group about the mental aspects of competitive swimming, then look no further. I provide a swimming-specific presentation on the psychology of swimming that’s tailored 100% for competitive swimmers.

In my talk Green Rhythm Swimming – Think Strong, Feel Confident, Swim Fast & Be Your Best, I will walk your swimmers or group through, step by step, the following criteria:

Phase #1 – Why Swim Meets Are More Mental Than Physical

Phase #2 – How Mindset Directly Impacts Results In The Pool

Phase #3 – How To Create & Sustain The Right Mindset For Competition

Duration of the Presentation –  1 Hour

The mental aspects of swimming are absolutely essential for competitive swimmers to understand and master, and this presentation is best suited for helping your swimmers or team to be able to do just that. Here are just a few of the swim teams and programs I’ve spoken to recently:

Florida State University Swimming

Florida Gulf Coast University Swimming

Mason Manta Rays Swim Club

Tampa Bay Aquatic Club

If you have any questions about this presentation, or would like to receive a specific quote in regards to the fees associated with it, please fill out the contact form below and I will get back to you within 24 hours to address you questions or concerns.



For all of my coaching services, I will always provide my clients the absolute best work I can possibly give to them. This profession is my passion, it’s my life’s work, and it’s something that I take it extremely seriously. However, I cannot predict, know, monitor, or guarantee what you will do with the lessons, insights, and content learned in my sessions. Therefore, when you use my coaching, you are not guaranteed to improve learning, performance, income, health, fitness, or specific earnings. No one can guarantee you those outcomes because your results will depend on variables and factors outside my control including, but not limited to, your motivation, your diligence, your discipline, your capabilities, your creativity, your health, your fitness, your compliance with my recommendations and suggestions, and other factors which neither party has any control over. I also cannot and do not counsel, prescribe, diagnose, or treat any psychological, psychiatric, or medical issues during my sessions. You must seek help from a licensed mental health professional if you feel you are struggling or potentially may be struggling with any mental health issues.


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