Purchased Completed!

You have completed your purchase of the Mental Swimming Self-Evaluation Report. To download it, simply click on the following link and click the “Download” button in the upper right-hand corner:

Mental Swimming Self-Evaluation Report


Once you have downloaded the file, use the following instructions to fill out the evaluation on your computer without printing it:

1) At the top of the document, select “View”
2) Select “Tools”
3) Select “Comment”
4) Select “Open”
5) Use “Highlight Text” (Click the little highlighter image at the top) to highlight the answer for each question and use “Add Text Comment” (Click the plain T image at the top) to add any additional clarifications or thoughts on each answer.

Once you have finished filling out the evaluation, email me at wj@greenrhythmswimming.com with your evaluation attached to your email and I will send you back my overview report within 24 hours.


Thank You!